Seaside Beach Lifeguard

This is a seasonal position from Memorial weekend through the Labor Day.

Positions open for: 40 hour 4/10 schedules and part-time fill in shifts and weekends.

       Our lifeguardís respond to all emergencies on the beach, spend a majority of their time performing prevention duties and are trained for surf and river rescues.

       Our lifeguards patrol approximately 3.5 miles of beach using vehicles, operate from a single elevated tower and provide aid as needed to nearby Gearhart Beach.

       Initial pay starts at $13.79 per hour with step increases based on experience.

       Lifeguards need to be physically capable and comfortable with ocean swimming. 

       Submit application at the Seaside Fire Station or via email

       Deadline to submit an application: May 4th, 2017 by 5pm.

Applications for Beach Lifeguard   Employment Application

Beach Lifeguard Job DescriptionLifeguard Job Description 2017

Interested in being a member of Seaside Fire & Rescue?

We continue to look for motivated individuals who want to serve in our ranks.

We accept applications throughout the year and twice a year we take the applications to start a new recruit academy

Are you already an Oregon DPSST certified firefighter? On a case by case basis we will accept already certified Oregon Firefighters throughout the year. 

We do more than fires! Structure fires only account for a small majority of the incidents we respond to every year. Some of the other types of calls we handle: wildland and grass fires, vehicle accidents, medical calls, lost or injured hikers, accidents on the beach, car fires, and incidents involving natural gas or propane.

Applications for volunteer firefighterApplication 

We are not taking applications for volunteer Firefighter at this time unless you are already a DPSST certified Firefighter 

Basic Requirements for Applicants

  • At least 18 years of age (17 for cadet program).
  • You must have a Valid Oregon Driverís license.
  • Live or work full time in our response area
  • Commitment to the community.
  • Be in good physical condition with the ability to pass a physical agility test.
  • Pass a pre-employment drug screen.
  • Successfully pass a background check enabling DPSST certification.
  • The ability to commit to weekly Wednesday night training and respond to emergency calls.

For more information on joining contact Division Chief Dave Rankin or stop by our Fire Station. Applications can also be picked up at the fire station.


The Process to becoming a Firefighter

Our volunteers regularly train every Wednesday night through-out the year for proficiency in skills and knowledge. Training is spread between firefighting, rescue, and EMS duties.

All members must obtain a minimum of Firefighter 1 and Wildland Interface FFT2 certification within a time limit to stay with the department. 

Members seeking additional certifications such as, but not limited too: Driver, Pumper Operator, Aerial Operator, Engine Boss, Emergency Medical Responder, and EMT have the ability to obtain these through additional schooling and on the job training. Approved classes and training is paid for by the Fire Department. 

New members are placed on a 18 month probation period while working on their Firefighter 1 certifications, and then reviewed every 3 months afterwards regarding their progress and ability to perform the job requirements. All probationary firefighters must complete the minimum required classroom training, a firefighter 1 Taskbook, and our standard Firefighter 1 Task performance evaluation to move off of probation. 


Members coming to us already certified are placed on an initial, minimum 3 month probation period. This gives them the time to learn our protocols, tools,  apparatus, etc. and gives both them and our firefighters time to interact with each other and feel comfortable working in emergency situations together as a team. Upon completion of the minimum time, successful completion of our standard Firefighter 1 Task Performances and review of our protocols, these members will be advanced from probationary status to Firefighter.