About Us


Seaside Fire & Rescue provides fire protection, rescue, and emergency medical services to the citizens and visitors of City, the surrounding rural fire protection district, and mutual aid response to all ends of the County.


The department was established in 1904 and its membership has been volunteer for over 100 years. Currently, roughly 30 volunteers from all professions respond to emergencies 24-hours a day.

Seaside-Fire-Group-2008Additional services provided include seasonal beach lifeguards, and fire marshal for inspection services.

Our personal are also active in many organizations within the county related to Emergency Services including: HAZMAT 11 - The Oregon State Fire Marshal Regional HazMat Team, Clatsop County High Angle Rescue Team- made up of members throughout the county and managed by the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office, & the County Fire Investigation team.

Our volunteers respond day or night, often leaving their family, friends, and jobs to serve the city. The volunteers are expected to maintain the same standard of training as paid firefighters and become certified through DPSST as Firefighters during the course of their training. Additional training is available for firefighters who wish to become apparatus engineers, aerial ladder operators, EMS providers and other special rescue technicians.

Our Apparatus

Img   Engine 3121

 Type 1 Engine has a 1000 gallon tank and a 1500 GPM Pump, manufactured by  Pierce.This Pumper-Rescue is has the ability to support operations in fire protection and  extinguishment, Emergency Medical Response, Low Angle Rescues, Vehicle Extrication,  and Wildland Interface Fires. 

Img  Engine 3122

Type 1 Engine and Tender. The E-One Pumper-Tender has a 2500 gallon tank and porta-  tank with a 1796 GPM Pump. With its ability to supply tools, equipment and offensive  firefighting 
capabilities for crew, the large amount of water to shuttle or set-up on  scene, and with the wildland interface threat in our community, this apparatus is a well-  rounded and versatile piece of equipment we are fortunate to have.

Img   Engine 3123

 Spartan Built Type 1 Engine with 1500 GPM pump and a 1000 gallon tank. 3123 currently  serves as our reserve engine providing training, but it is still a capable engine often  responding to Fire alarms within the city and proving staffing to mutual aid stations  during large fires. 3123 has served Seaside for over 20 years and will be phased out in  late 2015 for a new Spartan ERV Pumper-Rescue built by True North Apparatus. 

Img  Ladder 3148

 Type III E-One quint, with a 500 gallon tank, a 1850 GPM pump, with a 75 foot aluminum     Ladder and a 1200 GPM pre-plumbed master-stream. Our ladder truck responds to all    fires and alarms within the city and on many mutual aids and box alarms  with neighboring departments, It may be specially requested by any fire department in  Clatsop County.

Img   3179

Type 6 brush engine that seats 4. Put on a 4x4 F- 450 Chassis, this vehicle responds to    wildland fires, all calls on the beach. 


Img  3165 and 3164

 Our beach and water response vehicles are used by our lifeguards in the summer  months. Capable to outfit swimmers, transport persons off the beach, and respond in  the forest for search and rescue, these utility vehicles are a necessity. 

Engine 1 "The Mac"

1935 Mac Engine was brought brand new by Seaside. Over the years it has served us well and conitues to do so in Parades and public education and displays. many visitors stop in every year to take a picture and enjoy the beauty of this "Old Timer" Fire Engine. 

Our Personnel 

Fire Chief

Joey Daniels
503-738-5420 Ext. 101

Division Chiefs

Chris Dugan. Fire Prevention & Public Education
503-738-5420 Ext. 102

David Rankin. Operations & Training
503-738-5420 Ext. 103


Mike Smith


Gordon Houston
Jeramy Houston
Tyler Johnson
Dan Mullery


Doug Barker
Katie Bulletset
Mark Burke
Seth Collins
Roy Dague
Genesee Dennis
Evan Edwards
Todd French
Tom Hecox
Colin Houston
Tyler Johnson
Matt Keefer
Parker McCarthy
Kyle Mergel
Brain Schafer
Jason Schermerhorn
Derek Spivey
Lisa Talamantez
Kai Watts


Cesar Alcala
Cole Bergeson
Noble Hutchinson
Jeff Jackson
Shane Mergel

EMS Bikes

EMS Bike Program


In the summer of 2007, the Seaside Fire Department implemented an EMS Bike Program for use during events and high volume holidays. Historically, high-volume pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the downtown Seaside area has posed an access problem to ambulance and fire department responders. The goal of the program is to provide immediate, point of contact care to a patient until the arrival of the transporting ambulance and other fire department personnel.

Each shift is worked by a 2-person team, at the BLS, ILS, or ALS level depending on staffing. The team is equipped with a full ALS medical and Airway Euipment, as well as an AED. In 2010, the team completed major purchasing with the arrival of a pair of new Trek mountain bikes from Bikes Beyond in Astoria, Oregon.

The program encourages physical fitness, teamwork, and a strong sense of public relations. Membership in the program is open to all current firefighters.

Giving Back

In addition to providing fire protection and EMS service to the community, the Fire Department participates in a number of projects to give back to the residents.

  • EMS standby at all home Seaside High School football games
  • Annual participation in the Fill the Boot for Jerry’s Kids Muscular Dystrophy Association fund raiser
  • Holiday food drive and delivery of food baskets in conjunction with the South Clatsop County Food Bank and other county fire departments
  • Participation with the Seaside Police Department in providing bicycle helmets to children
  • Providing smoke alarms to families in homes without them
  • In partnership with the Seaside Police Department and Safekids Northwest Carseat clinics
  • Safety patrol and fire watch on the beach during the annual 4th of July Fireworks Display